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(VIT002) Matthew Philip Hopkins – Nocturnes











Vittelli continues to set out its’ stall with this brilliant LP by Australian sound maker Matthew Philip Hopkins (Vincent Over the Sink / The Bowles / Naked on the Vague / Half High). This is Hopkins’ first solo vinyl outing after a decade of micro-edition cassettes and CDR’s.

Nocturnes¬†was assembled during late night headphone sessions at Hopkins’ Sydney home in late 2013. He employs synth, cassettes, fx pedals, contact mic and random objects to create a hypnotic suite of dramatic and highly evocative works that will appeal to listeners of Nate Young, William Basinski, Rushford & Talia, Andrew Chalk, Giancarlo Toniutti, Ralf Wehowsky et al.

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(VIT001) London Sound Survey – These Are the Good Times

















The Vittelli label announces itself with this fine release of London’s highlife, lowlife, wildlife and everday life plucked from Ian Rawes’ vast London Sound Survey.

At his day job at the British Library sound archive Rawes cut his teeth in archiving and explored its depths. Field recordings and studies by acoustic ecologists came to his attention around the same time that he was looking to create his own capital-based project. At this time the internet promised to be the great equaliser and enthusiasts’ sites like urban75, Classic Cafes, Derelict London, and Subterranea Britannica provided inspiration.

Several years later Rawes is responsible for his own huge archive and has explored novel ways of presenting and preserving the recordings on his site. His recordings employ a variety of professional, home made, and adapted devices used both discreetly or in plain view.

In recent years Rawes has presented and discussed his work at various institutions, galleries and events around the UK. He’s been featured in The Wire, Time Out, and has appeared on BBC R4, BBC London and the BBC World service.

The selections on this LP were made by Vittelli’s Nick Hamilton and were mastered for vinyl by Graham Lambkin (Shadow Ring, Kye).

These Are The Good Times comes in an edition of 300 on 180g vinyl in a colour sleeve featuring notes by Ian Rawes and Ed Baxter (Resonance FM).

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